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Manhattan Institute

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Advisory Committee

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Advisory Committee

Manhattan Institute’s Young Leaders Circle (YLC) provides New York's young professionals with a distinctive forum to discuss policy ideas, cultural issues, and public affairs.
Andrew Abramczyk   Scott A. Jeffrey
Maria Montserrat Alvarado   Adam Katz
Christopher Michael Arco   Cody Kittle
Colette Arredondo   Timothy Kubarych
Christian Bailey   Justin R. Kush
Katherine F. Bartley   Christopher Laconi
Miranda Bevier   Steven Lesiak
Julie Blinbaum   Ross Levin
Naomi Brockwell   Albert D. Lichy
Bert Brokaw   Eric J. Magnuson
Brent W. Brown   David Magram
Ann Browning   Flomar Maurrasse
Philip Capone   Daniel May
Michael J. Caponiti   Heather McGonegle
Craig Caruana   Matthew H. Medearis
Maryann Caruana   Peter M. Milligan
Allison L.P. Choi   Nicholas Mulford
Melissa Condie   Sean Mullen
Erik G. Cooper   Daniel Newman
Dirrane Cove   Kelly A. Ochman
Peter Crews   Jean A. Otrakji
Jennifer Crone   Christopher Reese
Daniel Crosby   Jonathan S. Rodney
Nipon Das M.D.   Lisette E. Roman
Kyle Van Decker   Lauren Rose
Enmanuel Diaz   Zev Safran
Daniel A. Dunay   Peter Schanzer
Dean Fiacco   Julie Smith
Kevin Galligan   Stephanie Sparvero
Logan Urquhart Gewin Jr.   Fredrik Stanton
Jordana Gilman   Tom Stegeman
Diana Grace   William W. Stevenson
Frederick Grace   Kara Syversen
Nicholas Grace   David Matthew Szeker
Virginia Grace   Evan Thomas
Oliver Grace II   Phineas Upham
Ronald Greenberg   Todd Ward
Victoria A. Gulla   Diana Willson
Kevin P. Heaney   Andrew Zwick
Melissa Suzanne Hillard    
Emily Hunt  
Joseph P. Hury  
Peter Izzo