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Civil Society Fellows Program

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Civil Society Fellows Program

“Private philanthropy and the organizations it supports are part of the life-blood of America—aiding and uplifting those in need, identifying and addressing problems which others, including government, have not yet even recognized.” — Howard Husock, Manhattan Institute

Manhattan Institute's Tocqueville Project, Civil Society Fellows

The Manhattan Institute’s Civil Society Fellows Program is an opportunity for innovative nonprofit leaders to bring the story of how they are solving a social challenge in their community to a national audience.

This 10-month program is open to recipients of MI’s Civil Society Awards, who have continued or improved their work at a nongovernmental, civil-society organization dedicated to assisting those in need. These organizations fill the gaps in the fabric of our local communities by providing programs or services that encourage healthy social norms, revitalize disadvantaged neighborhoods, help struggling individuals regain their confidence and livelihood, and more.

As a Civil Society Fellow, program participants will gain the tools needed to enhance their organization’s overall communications capability, including the skills and relationships necessary to become an effective spokesperson for their community, organization, and the issue that they work on. Fellows will receive training and assistance to complete monthly promotional activities that include writing op-eds, media interviews, speaking engagements, and more.

America has a long tradition of civil-society organizations and leaders who, with the help of volunteers and private philanthropy, have come together to solve public problems at home. Using their real-world experience and stories, Civil Society Fellows will highlight the benefits of having a strong civil society and the important role that these nonprofit organizations play in lifting people out of poverty, challenging circumstances, or dangerous environments.


  • 10-month program
  • $10,000 stipend
  • Media Training
  • Retreat in New York City
  • Communications support to help you take your organization to the next level

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2019 Civil Society Fellows Program Dates: February 19 - December 20, 2019

The Manhattan Institute is pleased to announce the following outstanding civil society leaders as the recipients of our 2019 Civil Society Fellowship:

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the Civil Society Fellows Program, please contact Annie Dwyer at