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Manhattan Institute

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Senior Staff

Reihan Salam



Vanessa C. Mendoza
Executive Vice President



Brian AndersonBrian Anderson
Editor, City Journal



Michael BarreiroMichael Barreiro
Vice President, Operations



Brandon Fuller
Vice President, Research & Publications



Leigh HarringtonLeigh Harrington
Vice President, Communications & Marketing



Troy SenikTroy Senik
Vice President, Policy & Programs



Matt Toyer
Vice President, Development



MI Staff

Policy Experts

Please click here to see a full list of our policy experts.

James Copland Senior Fellow & Director, Legal Policy
Raymond Domanico Director, Education Policy
Annie Dwyer Director, Civil Society Fellows Program
Michael Hendrix Director, State & Local Policy
Rafael Mangual Fellow & Deputy Director, Legal Policy
Connor Harris Policy Analyst

Project Managers

Michael Dresdale Project Manager, Special Projects
Jordan Duecker Project Manager, State & Local Policy
Julie Gavin Project Manager, Civil Society
Brandon McCoy Project Manager, Education Policy
Noah Muscente Project Manager, Federal Policy


Michael Tokarchick Assistant Director, Development
Alan Farnham Development Editor
Andrew Law Development Officer, Policy Initiatives
Joanna Faranda Office Manager, Development


Tara-Marie Lynch Director, Marketing
Michele Jacob Director, Publicity
Abigail Salvatore Director, Media Relations
Jamie Meggas Senior Graphic Designer
Aaron Ricks Senior Digital Editor
Gregory Fitton Marketing Communications Manager, Adam Smith Society
Bradley Anhouse Digital Marketing Manager
Michelle Arledge Digital Marketing Manager
Nora Kenney Press Officer
Lynn-Holly Wielenga Email Marketing Strategist

City Journal

Seth Barron Associate Editor, City Journal
Paul Beston Managing Editor, City Journal
Steven Malanga Senior Editor, City Journal
Charles McElwee Assistant Editor, City Journal


Taisha Camacho Events Director
Debra Cherian Events Coordinator


Howard Dickman Executive Editor
Nick Saffran Assistant Editor

Adam Smith Society

Greg Menken Executive Director, Adam Smith Society
Dean Ball Director, Adam Smith Society
Alexandra Cohill Program Officer, Adam Smith Society
Maria D’Anselmi Program Officer, Adam Smith Society
Kate Ferguson Program Officer, Adam Smith Society

Technology Department

Benjamin Birney Director, Technology
Peter Pappas Associate Director, IT
Tatyana Kustas Director, Web Services
Luis Gil Martinez Technology Coordinator
Antonio Rivera Equipment Manager

Administration & Support Staff

Marilou David Controller
Judy Escobar Receptionist
Alan Fenster Research Assistant
Sarai Mason Assistant to the Controller
Patricia Rondinelli Assistant to the President
Rebecca Sidial Assistant to the Controller



52 Vanderbilt Ave.  
New York, NY 10017  
(212) 599-7000

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