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Manhattan Institute

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The President and the Porn Star


The President and the Porn Star

The Wall Street Journal January 24, 2018
OtherCulture & Society

Whatever happened with Stormy Daniels, Trump’s first-year accomplishments seem to matter more.

The government shut down, and most Americans yawned. Reports that Donald Trump has a history of romancing adult film actresses, and then paying them to keep quiet, were greeted with some tittering and then more of the same indifference.

Democrats hope the nonstop drama in Washington will feed perceptions of administrative chaos that work to their advantage. But if that’s true, it wasn’t evident in the shutdown stand-off. Back in December, Senate Democrats threatened to bring the government to a halt to protect illegal immigrants and then thought better of it. Last week, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer carried out the threat and then got rolled.

Not only are red-state Democrats who have to defend the shutdown on the campaign trail angry at the New York senator, but so are Senate progressives and liberal activists who wanted Mr. Schumer to stand his ground. We haven’t seen such political incompetence since Republicans lost the Alabama U.S. Senate seat last month.

In light of the Democratic ineptitude, the Stormy Daniels saga also may not hurt Mr. Trump as much as his opponents hope. But it is another reason the president will be fighting for his political life if Democrats retake Congress this year.

Read the entire piece at The Wall Street Journal


Jason L. Riley is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a columnist at The Wall Street Journal, and a Fox News commentator.