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Manhattan Institute

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Celebrating 40 Years

In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we invite you to explore the Manhattan Institute journey: four decades as a leading free-market think tank. 


Why Ideas Matter 

Ideas matter—for real people and real places. Though ideas do not change the world overnight, with time, their impact can be profound.

The Manhattan Institute (MI) exists to incubate good ideas. This can mean the discovery of new insights, as well as the recovery of truths that were once commonly understood. We provide a home for independent minds to address some of the biggest challenges facing America. While focused on many areas of public policy and culture, they share the same goal: a society where people have the opportunity to build better lives.

Letter from the President

This year, Manhattan Institute celebrates its 40th anniversary. Since our founding, we have had the great privilege of taking on big problems, with no goal other than helping make our nation and its great cities better. Throughout our history, we have seen how changing minds, while not easy, can have the profoundest effects on public policy over the long-term.

Thanks to our many friends and supporters, we have been able to provide a home for truly exceptional minds. MI fellows’ research, books, journalism, and on-the-ground work have upended conventional wisdom in many areas of domestic policy and brought forth ideas that have revitalized neighborhoods, spurred economic growth, and brought opportunity to the masses.

The world of 2017 looks different than it did in 1977. But we remain dedicated to our core mission of turning intellect into influence. As president, I am honored to invite you to take a journey through time with us to review some of our most special milestones over the past four decades. I hope that you enjoy this interactive timeline—and that it will inspire you to think about what we can accomplish, together, in the decades to come.

Lawrence Mone
President, Manhattan Institute

Celebrating 40 Years

Manhattan Institute is honored to have Rudy Giuliani, George Will, Mitch Daniels, Midge Decter, and others talk about Manhattan Institute's impact over 40 years.

A special collection of clips featuring MI scholars over the past four decades.


Manhattan Institute Timeline

We invite you to explore our Manhattan Institute journey: four decades as a national, leading free-market think tank.


With your support, MI will remain a source of fresh, market-oriented ideas that guide policymakers and inform the public debate about how Americans can best achieve healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives. 



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