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Eliminate Race-Based Policymaking

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Eliminate Race-Based Policymaking

POLITICO Magazine September 20, 2019
OtherCulture & Society

Editor's note: The following piece is featured in POLITICO Magazine's symposium on how to fix inequality.

Identity politics makes government more polarized, by teaching Americans to hate each other. Our government should not support or sanction the sources of that race-based ideology.

An education degree should no longer be required to teach in public schools because education schools are engines of multicultural grievance; prospective teachers should be tested for content knowledge, period. Federally funded colleges should be required to disclose the extent of their racial preferences in admission and the rate at which beneficiaries might require remediation, fail to graduate and default on student loans, so that we can better understand the consequences of these preferences and have a more empirically based debate about them. Colleges should report the size and cost of administrative functions that treat race as a significant part of a student’s identity—such as offices for diversity and inclusion, or dorms designated for certain ethnic communities.

Disparate-impact analysis—focusing on policy outcomes rather than their intentions—should be extirpated from the Code of Federal Regulations; Congress should clarify its intent that anti-discrimination statutes ban intentional discrimination, not racially neutral policies that affect groups differently based on behavioral differences. Racial preferences should be eliminated from government hiring and contracting.

This piece originally appeared at POLITICO Magazine


Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith fellow at the Manhattan Institute, contributing editor at City Journal, and the author of the bestselling War on Cops and The Diversity Delusion (available now). Follow her on Twitter here.

Photo: katleho Seisa/iStock