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Manhattan Institute Collegiate Associate Program

The Manhattan Institute’s internship program — for years a source of exceptional college talent — will now be known as the Collegiate Associates program. The Collegiate Associates program puts graduate and undergraduate students in a position to meaningfully advance the Institute’s mission through research, journalism, outreach, and programming. With paid positions available on a variety of MI’s teams — including research centers, communications and marketing, and the Institute’s urban affairs magazine, City Journal — Collegiate Associates will contribute to the intellectual life and strategic direction of the institute while working closely with its fellows and senior leaders.

The Collegiate Associate Program is a 12-16 week program that provides comprehensive experience in MI’s core policy areas and functions. Working up to 40 hours per week, Associates can expect to build skills necessary for careers in the public and private for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

To apply for the Collegiate Associates Program, submit an application today via this link. To learn more about programming, qualifications and requirements, important dates and deadlines to apply, click here.  This position pays $15/hour.

Available positions:

Adam Smith SocietyExternal Affairs
CommunicationsLegal Policy
Development (Fundraising)Marketing
Economics, Energy, & HealthPolicing & Public Safety
EducationState & Local Policy


“As an intern at Manhattan Institute, I appreciate the skills in research that MI has encouraged me to develop, as well as the personnel skills that are required in the workplace. I felt welcomed at MI and was able to assist on relevant and thought-provoking projects researching fiscal policies and reform, while working alongside scholars and experts in their fields” — Bailey Summerfield, E21



“Working at MI has given me insight into how policy discussions are formed. I had the opportunity to interact with policy experts in quite a few fields and discuss cutting edge policies. MI provides a pragmatic, yet bold, approach to public policy. I was able to improve my legal writing and to polish my research skills. MI helped me to sharpen my professional focus.” — Jude Joanis, Legal Policy



“While at MI, I had the opportunity to dive deep into contemporary policy issues that interested me and learn a whole lot more about topics I didn’t even know interested me. I also had the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s leading scholars on housing, transit, homelessness and a many other fields. I also had the chance to hear some incredible speakers at MI events.” — Ajay Iyer, State and Local Policy







Jordan Duecker
52 Vanderbilt Ave.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 599-7000