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Since its launch in January 2007, the Manhattan Institute's Young Leaders Circle (YLC) program has provided a unique forum for young professionals in the New York metropolitan area who are interested in free-market ideas and public policy. By joining the YLC, you will have an opportunity to hear from leading thinkers on current pressing issues in an evening lecture and cocktail party forum. Young Leaders also join a valuable network of over 100 outstanding like-minded peers in finance, law, and other professional fields.

The YLC program hosts a variety of policy speakers. Past speakers include Steve Forbes, William Kristol, Charles Murray, Attorney General Edwin Meese, Ambassador John Bolton and General Jack Keane, as well as some of the Manhattan Institute's very own senior fellows: Heather Mac Donald, Peter Huber, and Nicole Gelinas. Speakers have focused on a wide range of policy issues, from energy policy and the economy to culture and health care. The stimulating lectures and engaging conversations offered at the ten exclusive Young Leaders Circle cocktail parties each year are unparalleled for New York's policy-minded young professionals.


Young Leaders Circle members will receive invitations to ten exclusive cocktail parties—which provide an ideal opportunity for members to interact with top policy minds and to network with like-minded young professionals. A year-long membership is $250.

Under-40 donors who give at the $1,000 level are invited to join the Young Leaders Advisory Committee, whose input and assistance will be sought on speaker ideas and outreach to new members. In addition to the monthly Young Leaders Circle events, the Advisory Committee will be invited to two private events with Manhattan Institute trustees and fellows. They will also receive invitations to select Institute luncheons and conferences, receiving all of the benefits pursuant to MI membership at the Benefactor's Circle level.

Guests of members and individuals who want to attend one event may do so for $45, which will be put toward membership (should they decide to join.) Advisory committee members are allowed to bring one guest for free to each event.

If you are interested in learning more about the Young Leaders Circle or have questions about membership, please contact Samantha Joest, Development Associate.

In the Press!

Manhattan Moment: What election 2012 means for America, The Washington Examiner, November 8, 2012

Out & About, New York Sun, April 6, 2007
Young, reform-minded professionals are finding a home at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, with the launch of its Young Leaders Circle. The group, which has more than 100 members in their 20s and 30s, has been gathering since January for after-work cocktail parties politely interrupted by a guest speaker and question-and-answer period. . .

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January 8 - Fred Siegel
February 5 - Heather Mac Donald
March 5 - Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani
April 2 - General David H. Petraeus
May 14
June 4
July 9

January 9 - Mark Mills
February 6 - Neil M. Barofsky
March 6 - Dr. E. Fuller Torrey
April 3 - Amity Shlaes
May 1 - Tamar Jacoby
June 5 - Rebecca Weiner
July 10 - Paul Singer
September 11 - Kevin Williamson
October 2 - Michael Barone
November 6 - Scott Winship

January 4 - Tom Palmer
February 1 -
Irshad Manji and John McWhorter

March 7 - Diana Furchtgott-Roth
April 4 - Alex Tabarrok
May 2 - Jim Manzi
June 6 - Jonah Goldberg
July 11 - Luigi Zingales
September 12 - Harvey Pitt,
Paul Atkins, James Copland

October 3 - Charles R. Kesler
November 7 - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Paul Howard, Steve Malanga










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