"This book was the Wall Street Journal editors’ primer when it came out, and can serve as a primer again for all who value growth today. Lindsey is that rare figure in economics, both sage and honest broker. His magnanimity and wisdom shine a light on the economic topic, illuminating our (tax) path forward." — Amity Shlaes, author of Coolidge

"There are few, if any, thought leaders who can match Larry Lindsey’s depth of knowledge, analytical rigor, and insight into the major economic and policy issues of our time. The Growth Experiment was important when it was first issued 25 years ago. The Growth Experiment Revisited is even more important and compelling." — Frank Blake, CEO of The Home Depot

"I read The Growth Experiment in college, and it taught me an important lesson: Taxes matter. They help shape people’s decisions. In this new edition, Larry Lindsey introduces supply-side economics to the next generation. And he shows that the best way to spur economic growth is to keep taxes low, simple, and fair." — Paul Ryan, US Congressman, Wisconsin




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