"My wife and I fight over each new issue of City Journal when it arrives in the mail, to see who will get to read it first. This book was no different."

—Dennis Prager, syndicated radio talk show host and syndicated columnist

"The editors and writers of New York's sprightly City Journal have gone west, young man, and have returned with a gold nugget of political wisdom.  How California became a basket case, and why it needn't remain one—these are the twin veins worked in this sobering and inspiring volume.  No one concerned with the future of California and the nation can afford to ignore The Beholden State."

—Charles Kesler, senior fellow of the Claremont Institute and professor of government at Claremont McKenna College

"California was once regarded as a model for the nation; trends that started here swept the continent. Today we can only hope this is not true; but as The Beholden State powerfully shows, if California is still a model, the nation is in deep trouble.  The stunning swiftness by which California went from being Reagan's "shining city on a hill" to Detroit-by-the-Sea is an object lesson for the rest of the nation on how quickly bad public policy can squander the bounty of nature and the productivity of its creative citizens."  

—Steven Hayward, William Simon Distinguished Visiting Professor, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Public Policy, and Senior Fellow, Pacific Research Institute


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