Power to 'We the People', Alan Wallace, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8-10-13
Detroit's Bankrupt. Is California Next?, Ian Tuttle, National Review Online, 8-2-13
The Beholden State and Its Potemkin Economic Recovery, Steven Hayward, Powerline, 7-18-13
California: Golden State Is Now 'The Beholden State', Editorial, Investor's Business Daily, 7-16-13
Making the 'Beholden State' Golden Again, Ben Boychuk, The Sacramento Bee, 7-13-13
Book rips into state, labor unions for old economic woes, Sacramento Business Journal, 7-12-13
The beholden state - how government unions have burdened California taxpayers, Steven Malanga,, 7-9-13
Morning Buzz, Kevin Roderick, LA Observed, 6-27-13
Book Bits, The Capital Spectator, 6-21-13
Anatomy of Decline, Troy Senik,, 6-18-13
Is California Doomed?, Andrew Klavan,, 6-17-13


Bloomberg TV's "Street Smart with Trish Regan" interviewed Steven Malanga, 7-2-13


850 AM KOA’s “The Mike Rosen Show” will interview Ben Boychuk on 7-25-13
Cumulus Media’s “The Larry Kudlow Show” will interview Steven Malanga on 7-20-13
KUHL AM 1400's "The Andy Caldwell Show" interviewed Brian Anderson, 7-17-13
KRLA's "The Dennis Prager Show" interviewed Brian Anderson and Steven Malanga, 7-17-13
KKSF 910 AM's "The Bob Zadek Show" will interview Steven Greenhut, 7-14-13
KABC 790 AM's "The John Phillips Show" interviewed Brian Anderson, 7-12-13
The Ricochet Podcast interviewed Brian Anderson, 7-11-13
KPCC 89.3 FM's "Air Talk with Larry Mantle" will interview Heather Mac Donald, 7-5-13
Radio America's "The Roger Hedgecock Show" interviewed Brian Anderson, 7-2-13
790 KABC-AM's "The Doug McIntyre Show" interviewed Brian Anderson, 7-1-13


July 18, 2013 | San Francisco, CA
Pacific Research Institute & City Journal Forum
Panelists:: Steven Malanga, City Journal Senior Editor, Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow, Columnist; Steven F. Hayward, Ph.D., Pacific Research Institute Senior Fellow, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Public Policy William Simon Distinguished Visiting Professor; Ben Boychuk, City Journal California Associate Editor
Welcoming Remarks: Sally Pipes, President, Pacific Research Institute
Moderator: Brian C. Anderson, Ph.D., City Journal Editor


July 16, 2013 | Orange County, CA
Lincoln Club & City Journal Forum
Panelists: Steven Malanga, City Journal Senior Editor, Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow; Brian Calle, Orange County Register’s Opinion Editor, Editor-in-Chief CalWatchdog, and PRI Senior Fellow; Heather Mac Donald, City Journal contributing editor and Manhattan Institute senior fellow
Moderator: Brian C. Anderson, Ph.D., City Journal Editor

July 16, 2013 | Los Angeles, CA
City Journal's Book Party in Los Angeles with toasts from friends in the media and Hollywood
Welcoming Remarks: Brian C. Anderson, Ph.D., City Journal Editor


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