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Jay P. Greene, Jay P. Greene's Blog, January 2012

My friend and colleague, Marcus Winters, has a new book out on how to improve the quality of the teaching workforce. Teachers Matter is an excellent summary of the literature on how best to recruit, train, and motivate teachers. It's a must-read for anyone interested in merit pay, credentialing, and teacher evaluation. It's a particularly good book to assign for classes that cover these subjects. Check it out.

Book Review: Teachers Matter by Marcus Winters, published by Rowman & Littlefield., Education News, 1-30-12

Winters explains the faults found in the current system and shows examples of how a new system would work to make sure that our children's teachers would be the best they could be and give our children the basis they need to succeed in an ever changing world. His revolutionary ideas on teacher retention and training should become the basis of our school systems, in order to help the United states boast the best schools systems in the world.


An Interview with Marcus Winters: Teachers Matter!, Education News, Michael Shaughnessy, 2-1-12

Q: In your latest book, Teachers Matter, you indicate that our failure to identify and reward high quality teachers has been problematic. What first got you interested in this area?
A: I'm interested in reforming the relationship between public schools and their teachers because it is the most promising course for ensuring that all students receive a high quality education. When we think about how to improve schooling, a great place to start is by considering the most important factor within a school's control for producing student achievement. Empirical research over the last two decades has confirmed our suspicion that teachers are that essential element. The research also shows us that there is wide variation in the quality of teachers, which means that we have a lot of room for improvement in this important area. . .














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