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Most of us have had at least one amazing teacher who inspired, influenced, or encouraged us to do better, aim higher, or just be more confident. However, most of us have also had at least one teacher whose lackluster performance in the classroom contributed to an academic setback. In Teachers Matter, Marcus A. Winters, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, argues that our failure to identify and reward high-quality teachers has been devastating for public school students. The question is, how do we sort out the good teachers from the bad? Winters shows the shortcomings of the current system, which relies on credentials and longevity, and spells out a series of reforms based on results achieved in the classroom. For the first time, standardized test results offer an objective, reliable measure of student proficiency that can be tied to an individual teacher. Sure to be controversial, Winters’s plan will be of interest to the education community, policy makers, and parents concerned about the future of education in America.

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Marcus A. Winters is senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and assistant professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. His research has appeared in several academic journals, including Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Education Finance and Policy, and Economics of Education Review. In addition, his articles and op-eds have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, LA Times, New York Post, City Journal, and National Review.


“Marcus Winters makes a clear and compelling case that teachers are the most important aspect of schools, which ought to persuade those opposed to rewarding effective teachers financially and identifying the ineffective ones that they are jeopardizing student performance.”
—Eric A. Hanushek, Stanford University; author of Schoolhouses, Courthouses, and Statehouses

“In this remarkably accessible volume, Marcus Winters deftly summarizes the latest research on how to best select, motivate, and retain effective teachers to improve our nation’s schools. It won’t be easy, but this is an invaluable guide for what needs to be done.”
—Jay P. Greene, University of Arkansas; author of Education Myths

“Marcus Winters offers an analysis of American education’s most vexing challenge that is clear, beautifully written, and utterly persuasive. . . . He is a master of taking complicated issues and explaining them in simple, easily understood terms. This is a book that everyone interested in improving the public schools needs to read.”
—Terry M. Moe, Stanford University; author of Special Interest: Teachers Unions and America’s Public Schools





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