South Park Conservatives:
The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias

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Brian Anderson  

South Park Conservatives by Brian Anderson



Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2005
By Brian C. Anderson


Note to You Liberal Weenies - Yes, the Right Really Can Write, Brian C. Anderson, Los Angeles Times, 05-15-05

Why the Liberals Can't Keep Air America From Spiraling In, Brian C. Anderson, Los Angeles Times, 04-18-05
(This article also appears in The Christian Science Monitor, 4-21-05 and The New York Sun, 04-20-05.)

South Park Republicans, Brian C. Anderson, The Dallas Morning News, 04-17-05

A New Media Era, Brian C. Anderson, New York Post, 04-17-05

'I hate conservatives, but I really... hate liberals', Brian C. Anderson, The Riverside Press, 04-16-05




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"Brian Anderson tells the communications saga of the last twenty years with verve, intelligence, and flair."

Michael Novak
winner of the Templeton
Prize 1994

"One needn't agree with everything in South Park Conservatives to recognize that this elegantly written and thoughtfully considered book will change the debate about the future of conservatism and is must-reading for anybody who wants to participate in that debate."

Jonah Goldberg
National Review Online

"Brian Anderson in South Park Conservatives shows how today's young people are rebelling against the left-wing dominance of the established media and tenured radicals in the universities. And he shows how they may build quite a different America from what we have been led to expect."

Michael Barone
senior writer, U.S. News & World Report, co-author, The Almanac of American Politics

"In South Park Conservatives, Brian Anderson pops the hood on the new media revolution and explores how conservatives have enjoyed huge success is certain to continue."

Tom Bevan

"Brian Anderson is a first-rate reporter and this is a first-rate account of how conservatives are working to break the left-wing dominance of the culture. I couldn't recommend a better book on this subject."

David Horowitz
author of Unholy Alliance


City Journal