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Why the Labor Movement Moved Left, Steven Malanga, Wall Street Journal, 08-26-11
In recent years, as private-sector union membership has declined while public-sector union ranks have grown, the movementís leadership has focused not just on traditional labor issues like raising the minimum wage, but also advocating consistently for bigger government and more public spending.

The Showdown Over Public Union Power, Steven Malanga, Wall Street Journal, 02-22-11
Government workers have taken to the streets in Madison, Wis., to battle a series of reforms proposed by Gov. Scott Walker that include allowing workers to opt out of paying dues to unions. . .

Look For The Union Label - On Tax Hikes, Steven Malanga Providence Journal, 10-12-10 (This article was reprinted from 9-29-10)

Politicians Win, Taxpayers Lose As Government Funds Failed Projects Steven Malanga, Washington Examiner, 10-8-10 (Part five in a five part series adapted from Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer)

A cautionary tale about California's budget-busting public-sector unions Steven Malanga, Washington Examiner, October 7, 2010 (Part four in a five part series adapted from Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer)
How public employees became members of the elite class in a declining California offers a cautionary tale to the rest of the country. And the rise in California of SEIU, the nation's fastest growing union, illustrates how modern labor's victories take place in courts and in back rooms, not on picket lines. . .

Public-sector Unions Run Amok Using New Jersey's State Budget Steven Malanga, Washington Examiner, 10-6-10 (Part three in a five part series adapted from Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer)
Increasingly muscular public-sector unions have won billions in outlandish benefits and wages from compliant officeholders. A powerful public education cartel has driven school spending skyward, making New Jersey among the nation's biggest education spenders, even as student achievement lags.

Rising Fiscal Extremism At the Ballot Box Steven Malanga,, 10-6-10
Now we talk about possible federal bailouts of New Jersey, the richest state in the country, and the Golden State, once known as California Inc. for its economic prowess.

President Obama's Payout To Community Organizers Steven Malanga, Washington Examiner, 10-5-10 (Part two in a five part series adapted from Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer)
Elected in 2008 as our first community activist president backed by a big government coalition that also included muscular public sector unions, Obama has taken their agenda nationwide. He left little doubt early in his first term when he funneled hundreds of billions of dollars of federal stimulus money to states and cities to preserve government jobs.

Obama's ascent heralded by government-funded activists, Steven Malanga, Washington Examiner, 10-4-10
In vaulting from Chicago precinct and ward politics into the White House, President Obama represented the first appearance in a presidential race of a relatively new political type: the community organizer. Obama's ascendance was no anomaly, but testament to the rise of a powerful political coalition in America made up of those who benefit from expanding government...

With Tax Hikes, Look For the Union Label, Steven Malanga,, 9-29-10
Find a tax increase campaign and you're almost certain to find a government union behind it. The California Teachers Association, for instance, is the chief force behind a November ballot initiative in the Golden State which would raise business taxes.

The big gov't crowd, Steven Malanga, New York Post, 9-27-10
The Tea Party movement may have arisen to protest rising deficits and increasing federal control of everything from health care to the auto industry—but he big-government coalition it's fighting wasn't born in Washington. The federal agenda that the movement is now battling to overturn originated in state capitals like Albany, Trenton and Sacramento.

Wonk Wars: Do Public Employees Get Too Much? Steven Malanga and James Parrott Debate on, 9-21-10
Public employees have been resistant in New York and other states to changes in their benefits packages, and especially to pensions, that would bring them into line with economic reality and relieve long-term burdens on taxpayers.

Union Power and the Christie Effect, Steven Malanga, Wall Street Journal, 9-15-10
After decades of expanding political clout, organized labor is finding voters increasingly unreceptive to its high-tax message.



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