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How To Maintain FDA Standards, Thomas Stossel and Bruce Gingles, 4/29/09

"GPS" for Health Care, Paul Howard and Gualberto Ruano, City Journal Online 4/15/09

It's Time to Fight the 'PharmaScolds', Thomas Stossel and David Shaywitz, Wall Street Journal 4/8/09

Borrow From The HIV Battle Plan To Help Win War Against Cancer, Tomas Philipson, Investor's Business Daily

Don't surrender innovation in the name of health care reform, Tomas Philipson, Washington Examiner 3/11/09

Who Pays for a Cancer Drug?, Peter W. Huber, Forbes 1/12/09

Curing Diversity, Peter W. Huber, City Journal Autumn 2008

The FDA and drug pre-emption, Tomas Philipson, Washington Times 10/20/08

Don't handcuff scientists, Thomas Stossel, Boston Globe 10/20/08

More Populism At The FDA?, Richard Epstein, 4/14/09

Factors Associated With Multiple FDA Review Cycles and Approval Phase Times, Joseph DiMasi and Laura Fadan, Drug Information Journal March 2009

Active surveillance of vaccine safety: a system to detect early signs of adverse events., Davis RL, Kolczak M, et al. Epidemiology 5/01/05

Cherry Garcia and the End of Socialized Medicine, Peter Huber, City Journal Autumn 2007

Conflicted Doctors, Peter Huber, Forbes 3/13/08

Conflicts don't sicken health care, By Dennis Ausiello and Thomas P. Stossel, Boston Herald 4/17/08

The Cost of Biopharmaceutical R&D:Is Biotech Different? Joseph A. DiMasi, and Henry G. Grabowski, Wiley InterScience 7/06/08

Curing Diversity, Peter W. Huber, City Journal Autumn 2008

Drug Development Needs Private Industry, Benjamin Zycher, Wall Street Journal 6/28/08

FDA Advisory Committees and Conflicts of Interest: Understanding the Coinage of the Realm, John Calfee, Medical Progress Today 10/11/06

Is the Food and Drug Administration Safe and Effective? Tomas J. Philipson and Eric Sun, Journal of Economic Perspectives November 2007

FDA Shows Interest in 18th Century Presbyterian Minister, Derek Lowe, Medical Progress Today 1/19/06

Has the Hunt for Conflicts of Interest Gone Too Far? Thomas P. Stossel, British Medical Journal 3/17/08

How Safe is Too Safe?, By Tomas Philipson, Ernst R. Berndt, Adrian H.B. Gottschalk and Matthew W. Strobeck, The Milken Institute Review 5/19/06

Of Pills and Profits: In Defense of Big Pharma Peter Huber, Commentary August 2006

Personalized Mental Healthcare: Promise and Convergence, John A. Fossella, Medical Progress Today 5/11/07

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Swing Vote at the FDA, David R. Henderson, Charles L. Hooper, Medical Progress Today 8/29/08

Time for a fresh start for the FDA, Financial Times Editorial 01/11/09

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Where is the Science?, By Tomas Philipson, Anupam B. Jena and Eric Sun, Health Economics 06/25/08

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The Vaccine Safety Datalink: immunization research in health maintenance organizations in the USA., R.T. Chen, F. DeStefano, et al. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 01/01/00



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