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Mark Mills is a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute, and founder and CEO of the Digital Power Group, a tech-centric capital advisory group.

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The Power and Growth Initiative at the Manhattan Institute is focused on increasing public understanding of North America's abundant energy resources and encouraging public policies that will allow the United States to harness the benefits—for our economy and for our influence in the world—of that abundance. This effort springs from a new energy reality: technology has unlocked our vast resources of natural gas, oil, and coal for both domestic use as well as export, and can create millions of new jobs while providing affordable energy to the world.

By 2030, the International Energy Agency forecasts global energy demand to grow by about 50 percent, to some 120 billion barrels of oil equivalent per year. Of that amount, the IEA and other forecasters expect that up to 80 percent will come from oil, coal, and natural gas. The vast natural resources of the United States and its North American allies in Canada and Mexico, mean that we stand capable of supplying much of the new demand. Yet the underlying paradigms embedded in American energy policy and regulatory structures are anchored in the idea of shortages and import dependence. A reversal in thinking is needed to orient North America around hydrocarbon abundance. The United States alone has thousands of billions of barrels of oil-equivalent in the form of coal, oil and gas shales, and other non-conventional resources. Canada and Mexico also sit atop thousands of billions of barrels of hydrocarbon resources, all of which will become increasingly accessible and affordable as technology evolves.

The United States is not running out of energy. It is time to appreciate the staggering economic and geopolitical benefits that the development of our vast hydrocarbon resources can bring. It is no overstatement to say that jobs related to extraction, transport, and export of hydrocarbons can awaken the United States from its economic doldrums and produce revenue such that key national needs can be met—including renewal of infrastructure and investment in scientific research.

Where The Jobs Are: Small Businesses Unleash Energy Employment Boom, Mark P. Mills, February 2014
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North America's Energy Future: A New Middle East?
Mark Mills, John Prato, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Luis de la Calle, Howard Husock


Unleashing The North American Energy Colossus
[Part I] [Part II]
Speakers: Mark P. Mills, Howard Husock


Matthew Hennessey and Mark Mills discuss Mills's new report, The Case for Exports: America's Hydrocarbon Industry Can revive the Economy and Eliminate the Trade Deficit.

Mark Mills talks with Howard Husock about his new report Unleashing the North American Energy Colossus: Hydrocarbons Can Fuel Growth and Prosperity.


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