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After Bloomberg: An Agenda for New York

New York City has its first new mayor in over a decade. How can the city best protect the remarkable gains in public safety made over the last two decades? What must be done to improve the city’s underperforming public schools and expand educational options for families? How can the city’s coming budget crunch be avoided and its economic future be secured?

The Manhattan Institute surveyed New Yorkers to find out which issues the public is most concerned about. City Journal’s special June issue, After Bloomberg: An Agenda for New York, offers a policy blueprint for securing a vibrant tomorrow for the city.

The Institute hosted a series of three briefings, featuring leading policy thinkers affiliated with City Journal. Each focused on a key challenge facing Gotham’s next mayor and provided recommendations about how to keep the city safe, well-run, and economically vibrant.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Kasia Zabawa, deputy director of the Manhattan Institute's Center for State and Local Leadership, at 646-839-3339 or



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June 14, 2013
Center for State and Local Leadership &
City Journal Forum

Future of NYC — Policing and Public Safety

Panelists: Heather Mac Donald, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; William J. Bratton, CEO, Bratton Group LLC and Bratton Technologies; Dennis C. Smith, Associate Professor, Public Policy, New York University
Moderator: Brian C. Anderson, Editor, City Journal




June 25, 2013
Center for State and Local Leadership &
City Journal Forum

Future of NYC — Economic Growth

Panelists: Nicole Gelinas, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institutel; Edward L. Glaeser, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Steven Malanga, Contributing Editor, City Journal; Edmund J. McMahon, Director, Empire Center for New York State Policy
Moderator: Brian C. Anderson, Editor, City Journal




July 9, 2013
Center for State and Local Leadership & City Journal Forum
Future of NYC — Education

Keynote Address: Dennis M. Walcott, Chancellor, NYC Department of Education
Panelists: Marcus Winters, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; James Merriman, CEO, New York City Charter School Center; Joe Williams, Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform
Moderator: Brian C. Anderson, Editor, City Journal

Chancellor: What the Next Mayor Should Do





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