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320 pages

No Excuses:
Closing the Racial Gap in Learning

Simon & Schuster, (October 2003)
by Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom


*Los Angeles Times Names No Excuses One of the Best Books of 2003

What's Wrong With America's Schools (subscription required)
by Timothy A. Hacsi, New York Times, 1-4-04

Class Acts
by Richard D. Kahlenberg, Washington Post, 11-30-03

Playing Race Card Without Apology
by Joanne Jacobs, San Jose Mercury News, 11-30-03

The Learning Gap
by Martin Morse Wooster, Washington Times 11-25-03

A Hard Look at What Works
by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, U.S. News & World Report, 11-24-03

Authors attempt to bridge 'Racial Gap in Learning'
by Rob Mitchell, Boston Herald, 11-23-03

Chartering the Future by Suzanne Fields, The Washington Times, 11-20-03

Another Excuse for Failure
by Thomas Bray, New York Sun, 11-10-03

The Charter Boom (subscription required)
Wall Street Journal, 11-3-03

Left Behind (fee required)
by Kim Marshall, Boston Globe, 11-2-03

The Academic Gap in Starkest Black and White
by James Traub, LA Times, 11-02-03

Educating Black Children: Why Culture Matters (subscription required)
by Stuart Taylor, National Journal, 11-1-03

Minority Report (fee required)
by Leslie Lenkowsky, Commentary, November 2003

Book Cites Role of Culture in Achievement Gap (free subscription required)
by Karla Scoon Reid, Education Week, 10-29-03

No excuses part II
by Walter E. Williams, 10-29-03

The Anti-Excusers
by Jay Nordlinger, The National Review, 10-27-03

No more excuses for the parents (subscription only)
by Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune, 10-26-03

Closing the Racial Gap in Learning: What Does Not Work (subscription required)
by Stuart Taylor, National Journal, 10-25-03

The most important book of the year
by Mona Charen, 10-24-03

How the Other Half Learns
by Peter Schrag, The Nation, 10-23-03

Review of No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning
by Jay Mathews, The Wilson Quarterly, Autumn 2003

No Excuses
by Walter E. Williams, 10-22-03

For lousy schools, no excuses
by Bill Murchison, 10-21-03

Asking Tough Questions, Debunking Old Answers
by Andrew Wolf, New York Sun, 10-14-03

An Attitude Gap
by William Raspberry, The Washington Post, 10-13-03

Book Explores Racial Gap in Education (fee required)
by Rich Barlow, Boston Globe, 10-12-03

''No Excuses'' for Great Teachers, Great Schools
by Lawrence Henry, The American Spectator on the Web, 10-9-03

Stop making excuses: Close the learning gap
by Matt Rosenberg, The Seattle Times, 10-8-03

Leaving black kids behind
by Rich Lowry, 10-9-03

A Lot More to Learn
by Clint Bolick, Wall Street Journal, 10-9-03

Will Anything Work?
by Nathan Glazer, The New Republic, 10-13-03 - 10-20-03

A Gap That Won't Go Away on Its Own
by William Raspberry, Washington Post, 10-6-03

Race and Education: An Exclusive Interview with Abigail Thernstrom
by George A. Clowes, School Reform News, October 2003

School performances: Part III
by Thomas Sowell, 9-26-03

The Education Gadfly 9-25-03

Review of No Excuses by Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom
by Thomas Sowell, 9-24-03

Wall Street Journal, 8-29-03


No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning.


America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible
by Abigail & Stephan Thernstrom

America in Black and White.

(Touchstone 1999, Simon & Schuster 1997)