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  Mexico's Energy Liberalization: A New Player In North America's Boom?

April 08, 2014



Welcome Remarks: Howard Husock, Vice President, Policy Research, Manhattan Institute

Keynote Address: Michelle Foss, Chief Energy Economist, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Panel Discussion: Luis Miguel Labardini, Partner, Marcos and Associates, Mexico City; Mark Mills, Senior Fellow, Center for Energy Policy and the Environment, Manhattan Institute; Mariano Ornelas, Deputy General Counsel, Mexico's Ministry of Communication and Transportation Moderator: Mary O'Grady, Editorial Board Member & Editor, The Wall Street Journal

For decades, Mexico has been one of America's most reliable trading partners. Energy is a key component of that trade. In 2012, our neighbor to the south was the third-largest supplier of foreign crude oil to the US market. Meanwhile, US natural-gas exports to Mexico nearly doubled between 2010 and 2013. Today, the US-Mexico energy relationship is on the verge of its biggest change since 1938 when then-president Lazaro Cardenas nationalized the assets of foreign oil companies. Mexico's legislators are now re-writing their country's laws to allow and encourage foreign companies to once again directly participate in the development of that nation's vast oil and gas resources. This conference brings together some of the world's top experts on Mexico and energy to discuss what happens next, and the implications not only for the economy and energy trade in North America, but also the impacts on world markets.



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