(Encounter Books, September 2008)

By Brian C. Anderson and Adam D. Thierer

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"Brian Anderson and Adam Thierer boldly refute the abusive agenda of "neutralized" networks, forced "fairness," and campaign-finance pettifoggery that threatens to role back the Internet age. An imperative read for all supporters of the new cornucopian media."

George Gilder,
Discovery Institute







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A Manifesto for Media Freedom, Commentary, January 2009

Gag Me With a Law: What media 'fairness' and 'net neutrality' really mean, The Weekly Standard, 11-03-08

A Manifesto for Media Freedom, New York Post, 09-21-08


"Brian Anderson and Adam Thierer have written an important book about the future of media freedom and why we must be vigilant in defending that freedom against unjust and undemocratic regulatory proposals like the Fairness Doctrine. This timely and concise manifesto serves as a rallying cry for that cause."
Congressman Mike Pence, Indiana

"Brian Anderson is that rare analyst who has conducted scholarly research, edits a distinguished Old Media public policy journal, but has also written extensively on the importance of New Media and pop culture. He and Adam Thierer were among the first to grasp how the New Media was reshaping politics and cultural attitudes. That makes them especially qualified to now warn about the dangers that government regulation is about to pose to media democratization."
John Fund, columnist at the Wall Street Journal

"From radio talk to political campaigning, the First Amendment is under sustained assault. In this concise, thin volume, Anderson and Thierer demonstrate with concrete examples how a combination of self-interested politicians, left-wing partisanship, and public ignorance about technology and media markets have created the most serious threat to free speech in America since the Red Scare."
Bradley Smith, former FEC Chairman

"Not even Orwell could have conceived the bizarre threat to free speech in today’s America by a monolithic mainstream media of self-described ‘progressives.’ All praise to Brian Anderson and Adam Thierer who, in their “Manifesto for Media Freedom,” provide a necessary blueprint to salvage this situation before it’s too late."
Roger L. Simon, novelist, screenwriter and CEO of Pajamas Media






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