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New York City | December 3, 2012



Mark Mills, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
John Prato, Consul General of Canada in New York
Luis De La Calle, Managing Director, De la Calle, Madrazo & Mancera


Mary Anastasia O'Grady, The Wall Steet Journal

The energy picture in North America has changed profoundly. After decades of concern about potential shortages, it's now clear that new technologies have unleashed a new energy abundance. The possibility has emerged that North America—the U.S., Canada, and Mexico—could combine to be a "new Middle East," exporting natural gas, oil, and coal around the world, creating jobs and prosperity here at home.

But public policies—whether to restrict exploration, drilling, or export—could get in the way. Guided by the author of The Wall Street Journal's "The Americas" column, we will hear from a panel representing all three countries, reflecting on what each must do on its own and what all might do together.

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