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Wriston Lecture
October 16, 2008

Judging in a Government by Consent

The Honorable Clarence Thomas


On Thursday, October 16th, the Manhattan Institute hosted its 21st annual Wriston Lecture. Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the keynote address titled "Judging in a Government by Consent." Introductory remarks were delivered by both Manhattan Institute president Larry Mone and Manhattan Institute's Chairman Paul Singer. The video of the event will be available online soon.

How to Read the Constitution, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2008

Clarence Thomas reminds Manhattanites of the importance of freedom and independence, Kathryn Lopez, National Review Online, October 17, 2008

C-SPAN filmed the event and will air the speech soon.

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In 1987 the Manhattan Institute initiated a lecture series in honor of Walter B. Wriston, banker, author, government advisor, and member of the Manhattan Institute’s Board of Trustees. The Wriston Lecture has since been presented annually in New York City with honorees drawn from the worlds of government, the academy, religion, business, and the arts. In establishing the Lecture, the Trustees of the Manhattan Institute—who serve as the selection committee—have sought to inform and enrich intellectual debate surrounding the great public issues of our day, and to recognize individuals whose ideas or accomplishments have left a mark on their world.


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