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Chairman of the Board  Paul E. Singer


Elliott Management Corporation

Vice Chairman  Michael J. Fedak


New York City

Chairman Emeritus Dietrich Weismann


Weismann Associates, LLC

Chairman Emeritus Roger Hertog*


New York City

Chairman Emeritus Charles H. Brunie


Brunie Associates

Chairman Emeritus Richard Gilder*


Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co. LLC

President Lawrence J. Mone




Clifford S. Asness, PH.D.

  AQR Capital Management, LLC

Andrew Cader


New York City

Ann J. Charters


New York City

Ravenel Curry


Eagle Capital Management, LLC

Timothy G. Dalton, Jr.


Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co.

Sean M. Fieler


Analyst, Equinox Management Partners, L.P.

Kenneth M. Garschina


Principal, Mason Capital Management

Kenneth B. Gilman


New York City

Harvey Golub

  Chairman & Chief Executive, Retired - American Express Company;
Chairman - Miller Buckfire & Co., LLC

Maurice R. Greenberg


Chairman & CEO, C.V. STARR & Co., Inc.

Fleur Harlan


New York City

Roger Kimball


The New Criterion

William Kristol


Founder and Editor, The Weekly Standard

Daniel Loeb


Third Point, LLC

Rebekah Mercer



Jay H. Newman


Elliott Management Corporation

Rodney Nichols


New York City

Nick Ohnell


Ohnell Family Foundation

Robert Rosenkranz


Chairman, Delphi Financial Group, Inc.

Nathan E. Saint-Amand, MD


New York City

Thomas W. Smith


Prescott Investors

Donald G. Tober


Chairman of the Board, Sugar Foods Corporation

Bruce G. Wilcox


Chairman, Management Committee, Cumberland Associates, LLC

Kathryn S. Wylde


President & CEO, The Partnership for New York City

* Former Trustee

Recently passed trustees:


Peter M. Flanigan
Wall Street Journal, August 2013



Frank J. Macchiarola
The New York Times, December 2012
Minding The Campus, December 2012



William Tell, Jr.
Greenwhich Daily Voice, November 2012






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