Ready or Not

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Ready or Not: What Happens
When We Treat Children as Small Adults
(Free Press, 1999)

by Kay S. Hymowitz
Contributing editor,
City Journal,
Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow


Cheated Out of Childhood
Parents Magazine | 10-99

You Can’t Suspend Me: How the Courts Armed Students with Rights—and Attitude
The New Democrat | 9/10-99

Ready or Not.


“It is with a twinge of envy, yet great respect, that I recommend the wisest piece of social criticism to be published in many years.”
Mona Charen, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

“Since reading it, I’ve been looking at the world through [Hymowitz’s] thesis…for any work of social criticism, that’s praise indeed.”
Margaret Talbot, New York Times Book Review

"Ready or Not is extraordinary. In this brilliantly crafted, courageous, and profoundly uncomfortable book, Kay Hymowitz shows how the sexual revolution went awry with brutal consequences for today's young people. There is not a parent among us who will not learn a great deal from this book."
Sylvia Ann Hewlett, economist, coauthor of The War Against Parents and president of the National Parenting Association

"In this shrewd and forceful book, Kay Hymowitz challenges reigning orthodoxies about childrearing and reminds us of the ancient truth that good citizens and decent human beings are made, not born. Her take-no-prisoners critique should make everyone think harder about the needs of children and the responsibilities of adults in a democratic society."
William A. Galston, School of Public Affairs, University of MaryIand

"Kay Hymowitz has written the most important book on American childhood to come along since Reviving Ophelia. Casting a cool and critical eye across the span from infancy through the teen years, she tells the story of a revolution in childrearing: Gone is the idea that children are to be molded, shaped, and instructed by their parents and other elders; now, we are told, children are to mold themselvesto be their own tutors, parents, teachers, and most of all, their own moral compasses. Hymowitz leaves us with an indelible and compelling picture of children in the driver's seat, careening along without the brakes, the controls, or the road map that culture is supposed to provide."
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, author of The Divorce Culture: Rethinking Our Commitments to Marriage and Family

"What happens when a society abandons its mission of handing down its wisdom and moral heritage to the next generation? Hymowitz shows the devastating effects of the currently dominant 'anticultural' pedagogy. This lucid, wise, and important book deserves a wide readership."
Christina Hoff Sommers, W. H. Brady Fellow, American Enteprise Institute, and author of Who Stole Feminism?

"Kay Hymowitz has written a challenging and thoughtful book exposing some of the distortions and delusions in our current attitudes toward children."
Michael Medved, coauthor of Saving Childhood and nationally syndicated radio host