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MI Conference Series
No. 5 March 2000

Cambridge School Choice Conference

This edited transcript of a recent conference addresses the questions raised in the ongoing battle over charter schools, vouchers and other school choice programs. Drawing on both school choice theory and the results of actual programs throughout the United States and the rest of the world, scholars, educators, consultants and public officials, among them the Manhattan Institute's Jay P. Greene and Chester E. Finn Jr., discuss the various aspects of the debate, including the constitutional issues, the impact of choice on the public school system, its effect on students and their families, its promotion of civic engagement, and the future prospects of the movement.

Center for Civic Innovation.




Charter Schools and Vouchers: An Overview

Charters and Vouchers: Relationships and Accountability

Effects of Vouchers on Students and Families: The Latest Results

The Impact of Charter Schools on Traditional Public Schools

The Impact of Choice on Public Schools in Milwaukee and New Zealand

The Effects of Schools on Civic Engagement

The Achievement of Arizona

The Constitutionality of School Choice

Vouchers and Charters: What Lies Ahead?

A School Choice Debate

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