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The Reid Bill's Hidden Pork

December 02, 2009

By David Gratzer

Break time for nursing moms? Hundreds of millions in funding to help teenagers make the transition to adulthood (including programs that promote “positive self esteem, relationship dynamics, friendships, dating, romantic involvement, marriage and family interaction”)? Bone density promotion provisions?

Yes, yes, and yes. All three are in the health-care reform bill currently being debated by the Senate.

Kaiser Health News has a fascinating article on the “Seven Things You Didn’t Know Were In The Senate Health Bill.”

For the record, I knew only about one of the seven items. But is that particularly surprising? Democratic leaders have put together increasingly long bills, jammed packed with regulations and pork. Let’s put all this in perspective: ClintonCare (1993) sat at 1,342 pages. The Reid bill is 2,070 pages, pre-amendments. On the Hill, Republicans are estimating a final bill that pushes at 2,400 pages.

The reporters will have plenty more to write about over at Kaiser Health News.

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