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Lawrence J. Mone



Nichole Adrian

Development Officer

Brian Anderson


Editor, City Journal

Alex Armlovich

Research Associate

Dean Ball

Policy Manager, Center for State and Local Leadership

Michael Barreiro


Vice President of Operations

Judah Bellin

Associate Editor

Paul Beston


Managing Editor, City Journal

Ben Boychuk


Associate Editor, City Journal

Taisha Camacho

Event Director

James Copland


Director, Center for Legal Policy

Casimer Crane

Development Associate

Marilou David



Michael Dotsikas


Director, IT

Stephen Eide


Senior Fellow, Center for State and Local Leadership

Debbie Ezzard

Events Coordinator

Joanna Faranda

Manager, Development

Alan Fenster


Research Assistant

Yevgeniy Feyman

Fellow and Deputy Director, Center for Medical Progress

Dan Geary

Senior Development Officer

Leslie Gonzales



Isaac Gorodetski

Interim Director, Center for State and Local Leadership

Leigh Harrington

Vice President, Communications & Marketing

Molly M. Harsh

Director, Programs, Adam Smith Society

Matthew Hennessey


Associate Editor, City Journal

Paul Howard


Director, Center for Medical Progress

Howard Husock

Vice President, Policy Research

Michele Jacob


Director of Media Relations

David Kimble


Managing Editor, Publications

Tatyana Kustas


Web Services

Katherine Lazarski

Press Officer

Alison S. Mangiero

Director, Outreach, Adam Smith Society; Consultant, Veritas Fund

Vanessa Mendoza

Executive Vice President

Jared Meyer


Natalie Nakamura

Communication Associate

Peter Pappas


Associate Director, IT

Jessica Perry

Director of Development

Elaine Ren


Senior Graphic Designer

Antonio Rivera


Patricia Rondinelli


Assistant to the President

Charles Sahm

Director, Education Policy

Robert Sherwood

Media Relations Manager

Michael Toscano

Development Officer

Matt Toyer

Senior Development Officer; Manager, Donor Relations

Alissa Yi

Program Officer, Adam Smith Society








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