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“A constant presence in the life of the city, weekly lunches, weekly discussions, panel debates and such, the Manhattan Institute is always doing something and spreading its message.”

—Sam Tanenhaus, The New York Times Book Review

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The Manhattan Institute has been an important force in shaping American political culture. By supporting and publicizing research on our era's most challenging public policy issues: taxes, welfare, crime, the legal system, urban life, race, education, and many other topics, we have won new respect for market-oriented policies and helped make reform a reality.

The Manhattan Institute regularly hosts forums in New York City and Washington, DC for policy makers, business people, researchers and journalists. The following is a listing of recent Manhattan Institute conferences and luncheons. Select events are transcribed or video taped and those are available to the general public here on the website.

Individuals who support the Institute are invited to attend MI events. Manhattan Institute events are invite-only. For more information on how to attend an MI event, please click here or contact the Development Office directly at 212-599-7000.

April 2014

April 10, 2014 | New York City
Center for Energy Policy and the Environment
Topic: Considering Social Responsibility
Panelists: Andrew Savitz, Principal, Sustainable Business Strategies; Luke Johnson, Chairman, Risk Capital Partners, LLP, Columnist, Financial Times
Moderator: Howard Husock, Vice President for Policy Research, Manhattan Institute

April 8, 2014 | New York City
Center for Energy Policy and the Environment
Topic: Mexico's Energy Liberalization: A New Player In North America's Boom?
Welcome Remarks: Howard Husock, Vice President, Policy Research, Manhattan Institute
Keynote Address: Michelle Foss, Chief Energy Economist, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin
Panel Discussion: Luis Miguel Labardini, Partner, Marcos and Associates, Mexico City; Mark Mills, Senior Fellow, Center for Energy Policy and the Environment, Manhattan Institute; Mariano Ornelas, Deputy General Counsel, Mexico's Ministry of Communication and Transportation
Moderator: Mary O'Grady, Editorial Board Member & Editor, The Wall Street Journal

April 1, 2014 | New York City
Center for the American University
Topic: The Coming Reformation of American Higher Ed
Speaker: Walter Russell Mead, Editor at Large, The American Interest, James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and the Humanities, Bard College


March 2014

March 14, 2014 | New York City
Monetary Policy For Growth And Stability: Lessons From the Fed's First Century
Keynote Speaker: Martin Feldstein, Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Session I: Bennett T. McCallum: "Fiscal vs. Monetary Demand Policy: Which will Dominate?"; Peter Ireland: "Shifting Perspectives on the Dual Mandate"; Mickey D. Levy: "Achieving Normalcy in Monetary Policy"; Gregory D. Hess: "The Return of Fine Tuning"
Session II: Charles W. Calomiris: "Reforming the Rules that Govern the Fed"; Michael D. Bordo: "Has the Fed Learned to be an Effective Lender of Last Resort in its First 100 Years?"; Marvin Goodfriend: "The Relevance of the Fed's Surplus Account for Current Policy"

March 11, 2014 | New York City
The Leading Edge: Big-Think Policy Ideas For America's Future
Panelists: Josh Barro, Yuval Levin, Megan McArdle, Avik Roy, Reihan Salam



March 6, 2014 | New York City
The William E. Simon Lecture on Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy
What Is Conservative Philanthropy?
Speaker: Michael Gerson, Columnist, Washington Post
Introduction: Howard Husock, Vice President, Policy Research, Director, Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Manhattan Institute

February 2014

February 6, 2014 | Washington D.C.
Economics 21 & The Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business Book Forum
Title: Fragile By Design: The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit (Princeton University Press, 2014)
Author: Prof. Charles W. Calomiris, Columbia Business School
Moderator: Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post

February 6, 2014 | New York City
Center For Legal Policy Book Forum
Title: The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest For Limited Government
Author: Richard A. Epstein, Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law & Director, Classical Liberal Institute, NYU School of Law Peter and Kirstin Bedford Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution Visiting Scholar, Manhattan Institute
Moderator: James R. Copland, Director and Senior Fellow, Center for Legal Policy

January 2014

January 31, 2014 | New York City
2013 Urban Innovator Award
Honoring: Christopher Cerf, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Education
Introductory Remarks: Joel Klein, Executive Vice Chairman, News Corporation
Welcoming Remarks: Charles Sahm, Deputy Director, Center for State and Local Leadership

January 23, 2014 | New York City
Center For Legal Policy & Center For Class Action Fairness Forum
Speaker: Theodore H. Frank, Founder and President, Center for Class Action Fairness, Adjunct Fellow, Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy
Comments By: Lester Brickman, Professor of Law, Cardozo Law School at Yeshiva University; Visiting Scholar, Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy; Robert E. Norton II, Vice President, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation; Former Assistant General Counsel, Chrysler
Moderated By: James R. Copland, Director and Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy

January 22, 2014 | New York City
Manhattan Institute Book Forum
Author: Fred Siegel, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Title: The Revolt Against The Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined The Middle Class (Encounter Books, 2014
Introduction: Introduction by Ben Smith, Buzzfeed

January 9, 2014 | New York City
Center for the American University Forum
Author: Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Law Professor, University of Tennessee, Blogger (Instapundit)
Title: How the Information Age Will Save American Education From Itself (Encounter Books, 2013
Introduction: John Leo, Editor, Minding the Campus, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute




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