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Real Property Tax Relief Now: Cap 2.5 and the Christie Reform Agenda

First in a series of forums on Ideas for the New Decade, the Manhattan Institute welcomed New Jersey governor Chris Christie on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Governor Christie presented his reform agenda for sustainable property tax relief—his toolbox of cost-control reforms, including Property Tax Cap 2.5.

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Read Governor Christie's Remarks

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DO PROPERTY-TAX CAPS WORK? Lessons for New Jersey from Massachusetts
By Josh Barro

In a new report co-sponsored by the Manhattan Institute and the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey, Josh Barro studied the effects of proposition 2.5 in Massachusetts which succeeded in restraining growth of property-tax collections, total tax collections, and per-pupil education spending. By adopting a similar reform, New Jersey could significantly restrain tax growth without hurting educational outcomes.


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