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On Monday, March 10, 2008, the Los Angeles Police Department opened the pilot class of the National Counter-Terrorism Academy, a joint project of LAPD and the Manhattan Institute Center for Policing Terrorism. This one of a kind program is giving state and local cops the training they need to become front line participants in the War on Terror.


The pilot class is made up of officers from across California and Nevada, and plans are underway to expand the program so that America's 700,000 police officers can become first preventers of terrorism, rather than simply first responders.

For more information, please view the following resources:
Manhattan Institute press release
LAPD media advisory
LAPD press release

Counter-terror school started Duke Helfand, The Los Angeles Times, 03-11-08
L.A. opens academy in counterterrorism Rachel Uranga, Los Angeles Daily News, 03-11-08
Abre la Academia Nacional Contra Terrorismo en LA Carlos Aviles, La Opinion, 03-11-08
Inauguran academia contra el terrorismo en Los Angeles Andrea Carrion, Hoy, 03-11-08

KTTV (Fox)

Airtalk with Larry Mantle, KPCC, 03-21-08

On Tuesday, July 22, 2008, Chief William Bratton hosted a graduation ceremony for the first class of the NCTA.
Manhattan Institute Press Release
LAPD Media Advisory


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