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“Ed Koch was one of a kind. He embodied all that was good and great about the city that he served so well."
— Manhattan Institute President Lawrence J. Mone”

The Manhattan Institute hosted the 2007 Annual Alexander Hamilton Award Dinner. The black-tie fundraiser raised over $1.3 million dollars for the Manhattan Institute.

Recipients of the prestigious award included the Honorable Edward I. Koch, 105th Mayor of New York, and K. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corp. We are proud to celebrate their contributions to our great city.


Don't Take Ed Koch's Centrist Legacy for Granted
Edward Glaeser, BloombergView, February 4, 2013
Edward Koch's upset victory in the 1977 mayoral race in New York was the desperate act of a city whose progressive dreams had been mauled by near bankruptcy, a chaotic blackout and a high murder rate. Despite 35 years of subsequent success, for which Koch deserves some credit, the city should not take for granted the tough, sensible centrism that Koch brought to City Hall. . .

Ed Koch: Entertaining But No Reformer
Fred Siegel, The Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2013
After the death of former New York Mayor Ed Koch on Friday, the outpouring of affection focused largely on what he said, not nearly so much on what he did. And so it was with his mayoral administration. . .

Koch as Remarkable, If Temporary, New York Savior
E.J. McMahon, Bloomberg View, February 2, 2013
(Republished on on 2-3-13)
Former New York Mayor Edward I. Koch, who died this week at 88, exemplified two extremes of budget politics in America's largest city. When he was elected mayor in 1977, New York was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Standing up to municipal unions and other interest groups, he helped bring about a remarkable recovery. And once the budget was balanced and the revenue was rolling in again, he spent it. . .

Be Not Afraid
Clark Whelton, City Journal Online, February 1, 2013
It was Congressman Ed Koch who persuaded me to become Mayor Ed Koch's speechwriter. In November 1977, I was a staff writer for The Village Voice doing legwork on a story about a landlord who had set fires in his own properties, not for insurance but to drive out rent-controlled tenants. As I interviewed the residents, who had repaired their building and were now struggling against eviction, a woman handed me a file of letters and documents from their departing congressman, Ed Koch. I read the file with special interest. . .

Mr. New York
Tevi D. Troy, City Journal Online, February 1, 2013
In the Winter 2012 issue of City Journal, I wrote a reappraisal of Ed Koch's mayoral tenure in New York City. Far too few serious analyses of his considerable impact on the city had been done, partly because of Koch's nature: He was a character, a media celebrity, and always quick with a quip. . .


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