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October 1, 2001

Telecom Deregulation: The Abominable TELRIC-BS

Peter Huber: Please join the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research to hear noted economist Dr. Alfred Kahn address what he sees to be the failure of telecom deregulation resulting from the FCC's adoption of irrational pricing policies.

Dr. Kahn is one of the nation's foremost thinkers on this subject. He recently published Whom the Gods Would Destroy, or How Not to Deregulate, an exposé on the "perverse propensities of regulatory agencies to regulate pervasively in the name of 'deregulation'," which he thinks is exemplified by the FCC's pricing rules. Dr. Kahn's address is particularly timely, as the Supreme Court will hear oral argument on the FCC's TELRIC (total element long run incremental cost) pricing rules on October 10th. Dr. Kahn is the Professor Emeritus of Political Economy at Cornell University and is also the author of the influential work, The Economics of Regulation.

Widely known as the "father of deregulation," Dr. Kahn's highly regarded work helped lead to deregulation of many industries, among them telecommunications and the airline industry. With years of experience in the deregulation of markets, we are pleased to have Dr. Kahn give us his unique perspective on TELRIC'simpact on the telecommunications competition, innovation and the deployment of new facilities and services.


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Transcript of the October 1, 2001 remarks of noted economist Dr. Alfred Kahn on what he sees to be the failure of telecom deregulation resulting from the FCC’s adoption of irrational pricing policies.

Dr. Alfred Kahn, Professor Emeritus of Political Economy, Cornell University; Author, Whom the Gods Would Destroy, or How Not to Deregulate
Peter W. Huber, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute



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