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Meet Our Former Interns

Sam Goldman

"My internship at the Manhattan Institute was my point of entry into the intellectual world. By giving me the opportunity to work closely with the fellows and staff who generate, articulate, and circulate ideas about real issues, working at MI gave me the tools I would go on to use in graduate school, as well as in writing for a general audience."

Where are you now?

After receiving my B.A. from Rutgers University, I went on to get my Ph.D. from Harvard and am now a postdoctoral fellow in Religion, Ethics, & Politics at Princeton. I am also a regular contributor to The American Conservative.


Katie Poedtke

"As an intern, I was exposed to some of today's most influential public policy thinkers and executors both in the office and at MI's many conferences and special events. I developed a strong understanding of and passion for the implications of good vs. bad policy, which gave me an important leg up on my peers as I began my career on Capitol Hill. Even while still a student, my experiences at MI bolstered both my studies of political science and my leadership of the Fordham College Republicans. While most of my time was spent assisting in communications department promoting new reports, events, and our scholars' expertise to media, I was also able to act as research assistant on a few fascinating projects for the fellows."

Where are you now?

I am a Legislative Assistant for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Her office hired me straight of college, largely because of my experiences at MI and the immersion I had there into some of the major policy battles of our time.


Eric Wang

"I interned for City Journal, and picked up invaluable writing and editing skills from my experience. As a writer, I've had an excellent acceptance rate for the op-eds I've submitted for publication, thanks to the submissions I helped process as an intern. I apply the same critical standards to the writing I review as part of my work that I acquired at the Manhattan Institute"

Where are you now?

After attending Princeton University for my undergraduate, I went to the University of Virginia School of Law for my J.D. I am now a political law attorney and regular contributor to Roll Call and The Washington Times.


Daniel Hay

"During my time at the Manhattan Institute, I had the opportunity to hear fwrom and meet with some of the most influential political leaders and public intellectuals in the country while gaining hands-on experience in research, editing, communications, and fundraising. More importantly, working with the bright minds at MI deepened my ability to critically engage with policies and ideas."

Where are you now?

After receiving my B.A. from The King's College in New York City and my M.A. from The Wilmington University School of Education, I went on to work for Teach for America as a Corps Member and for the Rodel Foundation of Delaware as an Education Policy Fellow. I am now pursuing my law degree at Vanderbilt University Law School.


Yevgeniy Feyman

"My internship at the Manhattan Institute allowed me to put to use and hone the analytical skills I learned in college. I was given the opportunity to explore, and write on, policy areas that interested me, all through the lens of free-market principles -- a truly rare opportunity in New York City. Most of all, I'm grateful to the Manhattan Institute for letting me turn my internship into a job straight out of college. Because of the Manhattan Institute, I can now truly participate and contribute to national policy discussions."

Where are you now?

After receiving my B.A. from Hunter College, I immediately began to work as a research associate at the Manhattan Institute. I currently cover policy areas including healthcare, energy, and social issues.


Dirrane Cove

"As an intern at the Manhattan Institute, I was exposed to an atmosphere that was professional, nurturing and intellectually challenging. I found myself immersed in a world of great scholarly thinkers and I discovered that at the Manhattan Institute, partisan politics take a back seat to effective policy. Additionally, the skills I gained have been directly applicable to my career as a non-profit development professional. More importantly, I was able to build a community of like-minded individuals that has lasted well beyond my internship. Now, as an active member of the Manhattan Institute Young Leaders Circle Advisory Committee, I am frequently engaged in events with scholars hosted by the Manhattan Institute and I continue to build on the relationships that I began as an undergraduate. Because of this unparalleled experience, I will remain involved with the Manhattan Institute for the rest of my life."

Where are you now?

I currently direct the Institutional Giving Department of a major educational institution in New York City. Additionally, after receiving my B.A. from Connecticut College, I am currently pursuing my M.S. from Columbia University.




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