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William D. Eggers.

William Eggers is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. He examines how technology can be used to reinvent government structures for greater efficiency. In addition he is the Global Director for Deloitte Research-Public Sector, where he is responsible for research and thought leadership for Deloitte’s public-sector practice.

He is the author of two new books on transforming government: Government 2.0: Using Technology to Improve Education, Cut Red Tape, Reduce Gridlock, and Enhance Democracy (Rowman and Littlefield, 2005) and Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector (Brookings, 2004).

Eggers is a former appointee to the US Office of Management and Budget’s Performance Measurement Advisory Commission and the former Project Director for the Texas Performance Review/ e-Texas initiative. The two performance reviews Eggers was involved in identified over $2.5 billion worth of savings and non-tax revenues for the state. Over 60 percent of the recommendations in the reviews were enacted into law. Mr. Eggers also served as a Commissioner for the Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission and a designee on the Texas Council on Competitive Government.

In addition, Eggers was the Chair of the Government Reform Policy Committee for then Governor George W. Bush during his first presidential campaign. In this capacity he coordinated research for the campaign in government management and reform issues.

Mr. Eggers is the former Director of Government Reform at the Reason Public Policy Institute, a Los Angeles-based think tank. A nationally recognized expert on government reform, Eggers is the 1996 winner of the prestigious Roe Award for leadership and innovation in public policy research and the 2002 APEX award for excellence in business journalism. Mr. Eggers is also the co-author of Revolution at the Roots: Making our Government Smaller, Better, and Closer to Home (The Free Press). The book was named the winner of the 1996 Sir Anthony Fisher International Memorial Award for the book "making the greatest contribution to the understanding of the free economy during the past two years."

Prior to joining the Reason Foundation, Mr. Eggers assisted reformers in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union with the transition from socialist to free-market economies as a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Eggers has advised dozens of cities, states, and foreign countries and trained hundreds of public officials on restructuring government.

Mr. Eggers graduated magna cum laude from the University of California at San Diego.

Books by William Eggers

Articles by William Eggers

Reports by William Eggers

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  • Show Me the Money: Cost-Cutting Solutions for Cash-Strapped States, November 2002.
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  • A Five-Plank Program for Trade and Investment with Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics, (Heritage Backgrounder #862, October 23, 1991)


William D. Eggers.


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