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Working Faith: How Religious Organizations Provide Welfare-to-Work Services

This study investigates welfare-to-work programs in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, particularly the extent to which faith-based groups both provide such services and receive government funding in order to do so. It shows that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, faith-based organizations currently receive substantial funding from government, and that only a small percentage of them are opposed to receiving such funding in principle. It also finds that those groups that do receive money are almost never required to make changes to the religious content of their services in order to qualify for funding. Another crucial finding of the study, in light of the increased need for welfare-to-work services under most plans for the second round of welfare reform, is that it is faith-based organizations, rather than secular non-profits or government agencies, that are best prepared to rapidly expand their operations to satisfy increased demand.


Center for Civic Innovation.



Working Faith.


Religion and tax dollars in the mix
Faith-based groups have ready access to funds, study finds.
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6-16-02
Study: Religious Groups Got Federal Funds
New York Sun, 6-11-02
Religious freedom intact at ministries using federal funds
The Washington Times, 6-11-02


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