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Communications Department

New urban paradigm revitalises cities Business Day, 18 June 2003
Scenes From the New Metropolitan Life by Steven Lagerfield, The Wall Street Journal, 5-17-00
The journal that saved the city by Irwin M. Stelzer, The Public Interest, Summer 2000

The Millennial City: A New Urban Paradigm for 21st-Century America
(Ivan R. Dee, 2000)

Edited with an Introduction by Myron Magnet

Ringing endorsements for The Millennial City and for City Journal, from which its articles are drawn . . .

“[S]uperbly written and edited, easily intertwining theoretical principle with street-level reporting . . . a collection of surprising breadth and coherence.”
The Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2000

City Journal has provided a forum for some of our city’s–and our nation’s–most incisive thinkers, whose writings have enriched our public discourse and helped shape public policy. In the pages of City Journal, theorists and practitioners meet, and new approaches to governance emerge.” —Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor, New York City

City Journal is the great Fool Killer in the arena of urban policy. Its more than sharp and penetrating. It’s a joy to read.” —Tom Wolfe

City Journal is consistently the most stimulating source of reporting and analysis concerning the nation's urban problems.” —George Will

City Journal, the magazine dedicated to rebuilding urban civilization . . . is the definitive forum for the best new ideas in urban government.” —John Norquist, Mayor, City of Milwaukee

“Even when I disagree with City Journal, I dare not ignore it.” —Bill Moyers

“When the history of the transformation of New York and several other great American cities in the last decades of the twentieth century comes to be written, the role played by City Journal under the brilliant editorship of Myron Magnet will occupy an important place. It became something of a guide to the rebirth of our cities, thus proving once again that ideas have consequences. The Millennial City is an invaluable record of this urban success story.” —Hilton Kramer, Editor, The New Criterion



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