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Out of the Barrio.


Lindsay Young Craig, Executive Director, Communications, Manhattan Institute, 212-599-7000, Ext. 315

Out of the Barrio
Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation
(Basic Books, 1991)

by Linda Chavez


Out of the Barrio is sober, eloquent, and politically incorrect.”
 – Dinesh D’ Souza, author of Illiberal Education

“Chavez not only distinguishes fact from myth, she distinguishes Hispanics from the vocal activists who speak in their name.”
– Thomas Sowell, Forbes

Out of the Barrio is a book that should explode the stereotypes about Hispanics that have clouded their minds of patronizing liberals and xenophobic conservatives alike.”
Denver Post

“Chavez’s criticism of separatist ideologues is apt and badly needed.”
– Tamar Jacoby, Wall Street Journal

“In Out of the Barrio, Linda Chavez offers a fresh perspective on the attitudes of this fastest-growing segment of the population.”
 – National Review

“Linda Chavez has long been a conservative thorn in the side of established, predominantly liberal Hispanic policy makers…Now, with Out of the Barrio, Chavez promises to be even more of a painful thorn, lodging herself deeper into the flesh of the Hispanic political status quo.”

“A provocative and timely book…Chavez does a superb job of culling sources in support of her thesis. The book is must reading for everyone interested in the politics of immigrant adaptation, urban poverty, and race and ethnicity.”
 – Alejandro Portes, John Dewey Professor of Sociology and
International Relations, Johns Hopkins University



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