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How We Got HereThe 70’s: The Decade that Brought You Modern Life--For Better or Worse.


Communications Department

"Decadewise, the ‘70s haven't fared very well. They have been written off as the unnecessary evil separating the '60s, when America discovered its soul, from the ‘80s, when America recovered its pride. All that should change with David Frum's excellent, provocative and highly entertaining HOW WE GOT HERE .. Best approached with an open mind and a proactive imagination, HOW WE GOT HERE is an original, beautifully written, big witty pudding of a book."
The Wall Street Journal

"Frum's extraordinary new book is to the writing of contemporary American history what [Lytton] Strachey's [Eminent Victorians] was to the genteel biographical tomes of its day--an audacious act of revisionism, written in a voice and style so original it deserves to be called revolutionary."
National Review

"Frum is a terrific writer who deals breezily with a wide range of contemporary issues. ... [HOW WE GOT HERE] is a quirky, irreverent book, and great fun to read."
NY Times Book Review

"Frum revisits, with a good deal of wit and a surprising ambivalence, what he calls 'America's low tide.'"

"How We Got Here is one of the few books that is a must-read, giving the 1970s the scrutiny they deserve. This wide-ranging volume, like its untidy, sprawling subject, belongs in the dance floor spotlight, not swept under the orange shag rug."
Detroit News

"A thoroughly enjoyable time capsule for the turn of the century."
Kirkus reviews

"HOW WE GOT HERE is an unusual, entertaining hybrid of political commentary, history, philosophy and polemic covering most of the major political, economic, social and cultural trends of the decade."
Los Angeles Times

"Insightful and interesting."  Washington Post

"Frum ... is a classy writer, witty and incisive." Commentary

"In surveying the '70s, Mr. Frum offers an entertaining brew of pop culture, social history, and political analysis. His writing is brilliant, whether he is presenting a thumbnail sketch of the Bretton Woods agreement, an annotated overview of self-help book titles, a substantial essay on judicial philosophy or a precise (though merciless) flaying of the natural foods movement."
Washington Times

How We Got Here
The 70’s: The Decade that Brought You Modern Life—For Better or Worse
(Basic Books, January 2000)

by David Frum




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