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The Dream and the Nightmare.





The book that helped shape Bush’s message Dave McNeely, Austin American-Statesman, 1- 27-99
The godfathers of 'compassionate conservatism'; Authors' works have helped shape candidate Bush's core philosophy Bill Minutaglio, The Dallas Morning Star, 4-16-00

What Is Compassionate Conservatism? Myron Magnet, The Wall Street Journal, 2-5-99

The Dream and the Nightmare: Sixties’ Legacy to the Underclass
(William Morrow, 1993; Encounter Books, 2000)

by Myron Magnet


“To read Magnet is to realize that the conservative critique of contemporary America is the more-- indeed the only-- radical critique just now.”
– George F. Will

“The book of the decade…the most insightful analysis of what has gone wrong in America during the past thirty years I’ve seen.”
– Mona Charen, syndicated columnist

“It is rare for a single short book to case such penetrating light on the world in which we live that it instantly becomes an indispensable guide to the outstanding question of the day…The Dream and the Nightmare is a work of this extraordinary kind.”
– Hilton Kramer, The New Criterion

“This is a book for the nineties. It is original and honest and shrewd. I hope the members of the Clinton Administration read this, absorb it, and act on its insights.”
– Peggy Noonan

“An absorbing tale of how the honorable intentions of liberal do-gooders produced tragic consequences. It is also at heart a profoundly optimistic book…Many writers have addressed this topic in recent years but few have done so with more wisdom or more passion than Mr. Magnet.”
The Wall Street Journal

“Guaranteed non-PC from beginning to end.”
– Tom Wolfe

“It is a superb book, thoughtful and impassioned.”
– Irving Kristol

“A masterly overview…that yields extraordinary explanatory power.”
– Carolyn Lochhead, Reason

“[Governor George W. Bush’s ideas] have been shaped by a 1993 book that blames the social and political permissiveness of the 1960s for many problems since then. That book, The Dream and the Nightmare, argues that overzealous efforts by the Haves to help the Have-Nots actually made their situation worse, not better.”
– Dave McNeely, Austin American-Statesman

Bush Draws Campaign Theme From More Than 'the Heart' by Alison Mitchell, The New York Times, June 11, 2000



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