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Civic Report
No. 33 February 2003

Testing High Stakes Tests: Can We Believe the Results of Accountability Tests?


Study supports standard exams
Arizona Republic, AZ - Jul 10, 2004
New Ammunition for Backers of Do-or-Die Exams
by Greg Winters, New York Times, 4-23-03
High-Stakes  Tests Called Accurate Gauge of Performance
Education Week, 2-19-03 (registration  required)
High Stakes OK
Human Events, 2-17-03
FCAT: Why teaching to the test isn't necessarily a bad thing
Tallahassee Democrat,  2-19-03
Study supports FCAT objective
Gainesville Sun, 2-16-03
Proficiency test: Valuable tools
Cincinnati Enquirer,  2-16-03
Study finds MCAS an accurate gauge
Boston Globe, 2-16-03
'High-Stakes' Exams Can Be on the Mark
The Oklahoman, 2-14-03
Experts differ about high-stakes testing
United Press International, 2-13-03
ELC Applauds Manhattan Institute Report Confirming Effectiveness of Testing
Education Leaders Council Press Release 2-12-03
Does FCAT Pass The Test?
Jay P. Greene, Marcus A. Winters,
The Tampa Tribune, 2-12-03
FCAT gets  high marks in measuring achievement
Miami Herald, 2-12-03
Study: FCAT  'accurate measure' for schools
Tallassee Democrat, 2-12-03
TAKS can measure progress, study says
El Paso Times, 2-12-03
Study says state tests still reliable
The Toledo Blade, 2-12-03
Study rates Florida first in school tests: Va., other areas lagging behind
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2-12-03
New Report Confirms Accountability Tests are Powerful Tool in Ensuring Students Are Not Left Behind
U.S. House Committee on Education and the workforce, 2-11-03
What Every Student Needs to Know: Does school testing make the grade?
Jay P. Greene, Marcus A. Winters,
San Francisco Chronicle,  2-11-03
Graduation looming, MCAS foes appeal to Beacon Hill
Boston Herald, 2-11-03
Study shows  FCAT compares well: Group says test accurate measure of learning
Florida Today, 2-11-03
Education: Teach the Test
The Florida Times-Union, 2-11-03
Study  praises FCAT as indicator of learning
Orlando Sentinel, 2-11-03


Center for Civic Innovation.


CR 33 PDF (77 kb)


This report examines whether "high stakes" tests can effectively measure students' academic proficiency. It finds that, contrary to the assertion by critics that schools would merely "teach to the test," improving the results without increasing real learning, high stakes tests generally provide reliable information on students actual academic performance.


Executive Summary

About the Authors



A Variety of Testing Policies

Previous Research





Table 1: Average Correlations

Table 2: Florida

Table 3: Virginia

Table 4: Chicago, IL

Table 5: Boston, MA

Table 6: Toledo, OH

Table 7: Blue Valley, KS

Table 8: Columbia, MO

Table 9: Fairfield, OH

Table 10: Fountain Fort Carson, CO




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