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Writing Opportunity: College Contributors
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There are a number of ways for many different kinds of students—undergraduates, business school students, law students and others—to become involved. Let us connect you to our network.

Adam Smith Society

While thousands of young people continue to flock to MBA programs and go on to become entrepreneurs and talented executives, it remains far from certain that many will be able to defend, let alone comprehend in a meaningful sense, the political-economic system that enables their own success.

To this end, we are launching the Adam Smith Society-- a national organization for business schools akin to what the Federalist Society has been for law schools. The Adam Smith Society is a community of business school students dedicated to exploring the links among the economy, government, and society. The Society believes that business, entrepreneurship and commerce are wellsprings that keep this country vibrant, creative, prosperous, and free. Through debate and discussion, the Society aims to advance this idea on campus and among business leaders.

To become involved or for more information, visit

Writing Opportunity: College Contributors is looking for student bloggers to contribute regularly to our site.

In the modern academy, many certainly do not know all of the ideas worthy of consideration. Minding the Campus hopes to change that, as a web magazine devoted to a revival of intellectual pluralism and the best traditions of liberal education. We hope to foster a new climate of opinion that favors civil and honest engagement of all sides, offering an engaged debate for readers concerned with the state of the modern university. Our site is a central resource that houses day-to-day original content, draws upon the best from established magazines and publications, as well as from less-visited corners, from professional journals to blogs and student publications. In connecting resources from disparate worlds, we hope to connect their readers, fostering potential for real discussion and change. Follow Us On

If you are interested in writing about issues relating to political economy and the situation on your campus, our web magazine, is interested in hearing from you. To become a college contributor, please send a letter of interest, resume, and writing sample to Alison Smith at

Events And Programs

Are you currently hosting a guest speaker or lecture series on the subject of capitalism? The Capitalism Project would like to make the text or video available to a wider audience.

If you are interested in sharing your on-campus events with us (announcements are acceptable as well), please submit an event description and relevant links to Alison Smith at

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