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Model Syllabi
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Ensuring that students engage with the great texts and thinkers on capitalism requires professors that are willing and able to offer courses and lectures on the subject. This section of the site is geared to be a resource for those interested in these subjects highlighting effective syllabi, relevant research, and events at campuses all over the country.

Model Syllabi

Although the study of capitalism is neglected on many campuses, certain professors are leading the way to ensure that students understand the link between free governments and free markets. Below are sample syllabi for courses that examine our political economy from a variety of disciplines including political science, economics, history, and leadership studies. We hope that these will serve as models for other professors designing courses and also provide reading lists for students wishing to engage in self-study.

Events And Programs

Are you currently hosting a guest speaker or lecture series on the subject of capitalism? The Capitalism Project would like to make the text or video available to a wider audience. If you are interested in sharing your on-campus events with us (announcements are acceptable as well), please submit an event description and relevant links to Alison Smith at

Job Postings

Check back soon for academic positions and post-doctoral fellowships in the field.





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