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A Report on Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism
by James R. Copland,, Margaret M. O'Keefe, October 2014

Companies Fight Back Against Chevedden: Unions and Social Investors Ramp Up Push on Corporate Political Spending
by James R. Copland, March 2014

The Shadow Lengthens: The Continuing Threat of Regulation by Prosecution
by James R. Copland,, Isaac Gorodetski, February 2014

The FDA’s Misguided Regulation of Stem-Cell Procedures: How Administrative Overreach Blocks Medical Innovation
by Richard A. Epstein, September 2013

Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism
by James R. Copland, September 2013

Proxy Monitor 2013: Political Spending, Say on Pay, and Other Key Issues to Watch in the 2013 Proxy Season
by James R. Copland, March 2013

Class Actions, Arbitration, and Consumer Rights: Why Concepcion is a Pro-Consumer Decision
by Ted Frank, February 2013

Proxy Monitor 2012: A Report on Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism
by James R. Copland,, Yevgeniy Feyman, September 2012

Corporate Political Spending: Why the New Critics Are Wrong
by Robert J. Shapiro,, Douglas Dowson, June 2012

The Shadow Regulatory State: The Rise of Deferred Prosecution Agreements
by James R. Copland, May 2012

Shareholder Activism: What to Watch for in the 2012 Proxy Season
by James R. Copland, Winter 2012

Trial Lawyers Inc.: Attorneys General - A Report On The Alliance Between State AGs And The Plaintiffs' Bar 2011
October 2011

Proxy Monitor 2011: A Report on Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism
by James R. Copland, Fall 2011

New Database Reveals Shareholder Proposal Trends
by James R. Copland, Winter 2011

Regulation by Prosecution: The Problems with Treating Corporations as Criminals
by James R. Copland, December 2010

Trial Lawyers, Inc. Environment
August 2010

Trial Lawyers Inc. K Street: A Report on the Litigation Lobby

It's a crime?: Flaws in Federal Statutes That Punish Standard Business Practice
by Marie Gryphon, December 2009

Health Hazard: Litigation Increases Medical Costs, but Lawyers Block Reform
October 2009

Greater Justice, Lower Cost: How a "Loser Pays" Rule Would Improve the American Legal System
by Marie Gryphon, December 2008

Louisiana Litigators: While People Leave the Pelican State, Attorneys Thrive
December 2008

Watching West Virginia: Businesses Look at Litigation Climate and Leave the Mountain State
October 2008

Judging Ohio: Legal Reforms are Steering Ohio's Struggling Economy in the Right Direction
August 2008

Michigan on Trial: Litigation Industry Looks to Recapture the Great Lakes State
June 2008

Trial Lawyers Inc. Asbestos: A Report on the Asbestos Litigation Industry

JUDICIAL LEAD-ERSHIP: State Courts Are Rebuffing the Trial Lawyers' Attack on Paint Manufacturers
by James R. Copland, July 2007

THE MOVE TO REVERSE MICHIGAN'S MODEL REFORMS: Why Wolverine Staters Should Just Say No to the Trial Bar's War on Drugs
by James R. Copland, June 2006

Medical Malpractice Awards, Insurance, and Negligence: Which Are Related?
by Alexander Tabarrok,, Amanda Agan, May 2006

by James R. Copland, January 2006

Trial Lawyers, Inc. Illinois: A Report on the Lawsuit Industry in Illinois

What We Know and What We Don’t Know about Modern Class Actions
by George Priest, February 2005

Trial Lawyers Inc. California: A Report on the Lawsuit Industry in California

Trial Lawyers Inc. Health Care: The Lawsuit Industry's Effect on American Health

One Small Step for a County Court . . . One Giant Calamity for the National Legal System
by John H. Beisner,, Jessica Davidson Miller,, Matthew M. Shors, April 2003

Trial Lawyers, Inc.: A Report on the Lawsuit Industry in America

Anatomy of a Madison County (Illinois) Class Actions: A Study of Pathology
by Lester Brickman, August 2002

Class Action Magnet Courts: The Allure Intensifies
by John H. Beisner,, Jessica Davidson Miller, July 2002

Class Actions: The Need for a Hard Second Look
by Richard A. Epstein, March 2002

They're Making a Federal Case Out of It . . . In State Court
by John H. Beisner,, Jessica Davidson Miller, September 2001

Reflections of a Survivor of State Judicial Election Warfare
by Justice Robert Young, June 2001

The New American Rule: A First Amendment to the Client’s Bill of Rights
by Richard W. Painter, March 2000





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