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Civil Justice Forum
No. 42 April 2004

The Seven Myths of Highly Effective Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, continued

About the Author

Steven B. Hantler is DaimlerChrysler Corporation's Assistant General Counsel for Government and Regulation. He directs the Company's Class Action Group, Consumer Litigation Group, litigation communications function, and legal reform activities.

Since joining Chrysler in 1981, he has brought leadership and innovation to a succession of management roles resulting in reduced costs and better legal outcomes for the Company. During his career, he has served as Assistant General Counsel of Litigation Strategy and Communications, Assistant General Counsel of General and Consumer Litigation, Chrysler's Manufacturing Group Counsel, and Associate General Counsel of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. Mr. Hantler also served as Senior Trial Attorney for several years. Prior to joining Chrysler, he was engaged in the private practice of law.

Mr. Hantler is one of the nation's leading experts on legal reform and has contributed to legal reform initiatives in many states and at the federal level. He serves on the boards of directors of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the New York University Law School Center for Labor and Employment, the American Tort Reform Association and is legal reform advisor to the Council of State Chambers. He also chairs the board of directors of the State Government Leadership Foundation, which is dedicated to educating state leaders on timely public policy issues. He previously served as Steering Committee Chair of the U.S. Chamber Legal Reform Institute and as the Chair of the Advisory Board of the National Judicial College.


Center for Legal Policy.



About the Author

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End Notes

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