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An injudicious intrusion into the political realm by Ross Sandler and David Schoenbrod, Financial Times, 3-31-05

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Fixing the N.Y.C. Schools by Jay P. Greene, New York Post, 7-30-00


No Strings Attached? Ensuring that “CFE” Funds are Spent Effectively by Raymond Domanico, Civic Report 42

New York City Public Schools: The Facts About Spending and Performance by Emanuel Tobier, Civic Bulletin 26


Testimony of Jay P. Greene on the CFE Lawsuit to the NY City Council, 1-25-05

The High Cost of Education Adequacy Fiscal Watch Memo, 3/04

Teachability Index


Democracy by Decree: What Happens When Courts Run Government
by David Schoenbrod, Ross Sandler


The Campaign for Fiscal Equity

The Campaign for Fiscal Equity decision promises to shake up New York City’s schools. The recent special masters order requiring an additional $5.6 billion in annual operating expenditures within four years would increase per pupil spending by over 40 percent; the order’s further requirement of billions more in capital expenditures would create a tremendous boom in school construction. But is this the best result for our children?

At the left is a selection of Manhattan Institute scholars work on issues related to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case. Manhattan Institute Fellows are available to comment and discuss these issues in their respected areas of expertise. Please contact the Press Office, or 212-599-7000.




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