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N.Y. Champions of Civility
April 29, 2004

The Manhattan Institute tonight presents its Alexander Hamilton Award to three legendary figures. It's hard to say to whom more honor accrues: the awardees, or the institute, for choosing them.

The three include:

* The late Bob Bartley, longtime Wall Street Journal editorial-page editor, who championed supply-side economics, free markets and facing the Soviet threat.

* Conservative icon William F. Buckley, who founded National Review, hosted PBS's Firing Line, has written countless books and op-eds and ran for mayor here.

* Philanthropist Peter Flanigan, who advised President Richard Nixon and co-founded the institute's Center for Education Innovation and is a tireless promoter of school choice.

In their own ways, these men have contributed enormously to the cultural, political and intellectual fabric of not just New York City, but all of America.
And it is for that reason that the Manhattan Institute chose to honor them.

In doing so, the institute reaffirms its own commitment to the ideals for which these men have stood - especially the advancement of civic life, commerce and intellectual discourse.

To express those values, the prize is named for Alexander Hamilton (who founded this paper) - which makes tonight's awards fitting for both the institute and the recipients. And all the more worthy of praise from us.

Kudos, then, to the winners - and to the Manhattan Institute.

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