The Mission of the Manhattan Institute is
to develop and disseminate new ideas that
foster greater economic choice and
individual responsibility.

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Ideas Matter
January 30, 2003

Twenty-five years ago this month, the Manhattan Institute was founded as a think tank whose stated mission was "to develop and disseminate ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility."

In the quarter-century since then - and especially during the past decade - the institute has succeeded beyond perhaps even its founders' wildest dreams.

Indeed, its cadre of fellows, scholars and writers - currently under the leadership of President Lawrence Mone - has literally changed the terms of the American debate on a host of social issues, challenging the prevailing political orthodoxies that had stifled meaningful and innovative thinking.

On such issues as welfare, education, fighting crime, tort reform and race relations, the institute's groundbreaking work has led the way to a veritable sea change in accepted political thinking.

New Yorkers, in particular, have good reason to be grateful to the Manhattan Institute: Its ideas and proposals formed the basis of Rudy Giuliani's governing philosophy and his determination to challenge the long-accepted notion that New York City was simply ungovernable.

Giuliani - who was first exposed to those ideas at a Manhattan Institute conference on "Rethinking New York" - proved the skeptics wrong. Boy, did he ever.

President Bush, meanwhile, is one of the institute's biggest fans.

Over the years, these pages have been fortunate to have published many of the institute's most important writers: Bylines like those of Heather Mac Donald, E.J. McMahon, Walter Olson, Tamar Jacoby, Diane Ravitch, Charles Murray, Myron Magnet (who edits MI's influential City Journal), Abigail Thernstrom, Floyd Flake and Steven Malanga are well-familiar to Post readers.

We salute the Manhattan Institute, now America's premier free-market think tank, on its 25th anniversary - and join with all those concerned with expanding political discourse in hailing its considerable achievements.

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