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Florida Department of Education

Statement by Commissioner Crist on the Manhattan Institute Report
February 15, 2001

TALLAHASSEE - Education Commissioner Charlie Crist made the following statement today:

“I am pleased to support the findings of this
study. The Manhattan Institute, Florida State University, Harvard University and everyone who participated in its preparation should be commended for their efforts. I want to thank Dr. Jay Greene for his scholarly research on this subject.

“This report provides solid proof that Florida’s A-Plus Plan is working and that the FCAT is a reliable measure of student achievement. It also shows that our lower-performing schools made the largest gains in student achievement.

“It also proves that our hard-working public school teachers are motivating students to learn and teaching what needs to be taught: reading, writing and math.

“When it comes to judging students’ capabilities, we strive to ensure accuracy. After all, each student should be given the credit he or she deserves. Dr. Greene and his team conducted extensive research on the reliability of the FCAT. His report firmly establishes the FCAT as a dependable measure of student academic performance.

“We are committed to providing our children with a superior education. Our accountability and assessment system motivates schools to improve academic performance. The A-Plus Plan emphasizes accountability and this report shows that schools, teachers and students are responding.”

A copy of the report can be found at



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