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(McGraw-Hill, 2007)

By Regina Herzlinger


Miss Marple Tackles Health Care, John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis, September 4, 2007

Harvard Business School Professor Regina Herzlinger has written a must-read book, "Who Killed Health Care?"... Herzlinger is not against managed care in principle, but she argues health insurers are the last people who should be doing it. Geico may be a great auto insurance company, but who would go to Geico for auto repairs? The same principle applies to health care...

Health-Care Rx, Sally Pipes, New York Post, July 1, 2007

The U.S. health-care system was in a declared crisis in the 1970s, when President Nixon turned to managed care—and still there in the '90s, when Hillary Clinton turned to massively managed care. Surprise, it remains in "crisis" today—with academics, governors, legislators and presidential candidates all trying to come up with solutions that involve anything but managed care. Regina Herzlinger's impressive and accessible "Who Killed Health Care?" offers insights that could lead to real progress...

Dose of specialization needed, John Torinus, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, June 9, 2007

Bruce Wilson and Regina Herzlinger are making common cause. Herzlinger, a Harvard business professor and the prophet of consumer-driven health care, features Wilson, a cardiologist, in her new book, "Who Killed Health Care?"... Herzlinger is a believer in competition in health care, in the positive dynamics of the marketplace, in putting consumers and doctors back in charge of health and health care economics... Milwaukee got a dose of Herzlinger's medicine when she visited in November 2003. We need another dose. Dr. Herzlinger, please come back for another visit.

Consumer Health Update, Power Report #82, Greg Scandlen, Consumers for Health Care Choices, June 1, 2007

I am devoting this entire issue to a review of Regina Herzlinger's new book, "Who Killed Health Care?" That's how important I think this book is... Regina Herzlinger has hit a home run with her new book, "Who Killed Health Care?" Regi's reputation as a scholar, communicator, and original thinker is already well established. The new volume adds a whole new element to her formidable resume—that of a take-no-prisoners street fighter... "Who Killed Health Care?" is more than just another addition to a growing body of literature around consumer empowerment in health care. It is a direct attack on the health care establishment that has grown fat and happy by pretending that people are stupid...

Health Care's Godmother, David Hogberg, The American Spectator, May 22, 2007

"The Harvard Business School Professor who is often described as the godmother of consumer-driven health care takes no prisoners in this tour-de-force of how our health care system became an unadulterated mess... Who Killed Health Care? is a book that all of those who favor more freedom in our health care system should pick up. As Herzlinger notes, the importance of transforming our health care system into one run by free markets can't be overstated..."

Health Hog, David Hogberg, May 9, 2007

"Health care quote of the day: Employers do not buy our clothes, our food, or our cars. We would not want them to. How can they possibly know our preferences and the prices we are willing to pay? So why in the world are we willing to give them our money to buy something much more important, our health insurance, for us? From Regina Herzlinger's new book, Who Killed Health Care?..."

Mismanaged Managed Care, April 2007

"Regina Herzlinger has written two other books (Consumer-Driven Health Care and Market-Driven Health Care) and has come to be referred to as the "Godmother" of consumer-driven health care. Consumer-driven healthcare is not just another catchy term; Regina has started a legitimate movement—one we should be paying attention to..."


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“A wonderful Orwellian romp through issues which carry a deadly irony. . . Rarely has the case for the public been made with so much force, foresight, and wit, and a better way forward shown so clearly

James F. Fries, MD Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

Regina Herzlinger

Consumer-Driven Health Care: Implications for Providers, Payers, and Policy-Makers
(Jossey-Bass 2004)

Health Care

(Perseus Book
Group 1997)



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